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About Me

Navigating crypto is hard enough as it is. My mission is to create high-quality, digestible content that helps separate signal from noise for DeFi enthusiasts. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Business and pursued poker full-time after graduation. I fell in love with DeFi in 2020 and started making ad-free YouTube videos to educate the community.

I am fundamentals-driven and provide daily updates so you can have an edge in identifying new trends before they become consensus. My research videos are publicly available but I also create exclusive premium content for those who want to go to the next level. I’m confident that I can provide value whether you’re a trader, investor, or builder in crypto.

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"Taiki’s premium videos have been awesome for staying up-to-date on everything happening in the DeFi/NFT space. If you don’t have the time to do all the research yourself or just want to get a different perspective; I’d recommend checking out the premium group.

Taiki is a great guy and someone who I would consider a friend!"

Impactful videos

GMX Fundamentals Analysis
GLP Monte Carlo Simulations
State of DeFi Report - Dec 2022
"I joined the HFA late 2021 and enjoyed every second of it, through my learnings in the group and the people I met on my journey I was able to land a great job as an entry level analyst at an SEA crypto hedge fund, worked my way up there and now I’m their senior analyst.

In my day to day work for the fund I need to be everywhere in the market and be ready for any new developments. The HFA discord and especially the regular videos by Taiki are often my first point of getting new information on projects or I just come in to have a nice chat with people as deep into crypto/DeFi/NFTs as me."

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